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   Programs offered for

  • Cardiac strengthening

  • Spine strengthening 

  • Jet lag prevention

  • Attention and memory improvement

  • Emotional balance

  • People with restricted mobility

Modules for health conditions

  • High blood pressure*

  • Insomnia*

  • Depression*

  • Anxiety/ PTSD*

  • Menstrual Problems*

  • Cancer (symptom improvement)*

  • Cardiac conditions*

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At Nandini Hatha Yoga Centre, we understand that your needs may be unique depending on your health, time availability and your interests. We can tailor the sessions to suit your situation. 

Requests for refresher courses and guided sessions for Isha Yoga practioners are also welcome. 

Contact us to know more!

*These yoga modules are considered beneficial as per Sadhguru's guidance but should not be considered as a cure for any health condition. 

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